Houston All Arabian Show-  Chris Kornegay- High Point Amateur, Mujiz Al Kaiwan  1st  Halter Mares, 2nd SHIH Mares, Reserve Champion SH Mare, Tammany Falak - 3rd Halter Mares, 2nd SHIH Mares, 1st SHIH ATH, Champion SHIH Mare, CBA Lightning++++/// Champion English Trail, 1st HA Ladies Sidesaddle, 1st HA SHUS,  CBA Polaris+++//  Champion  HA Shih Stallion, Res. Champion  HA Western Trail. CBA Imperial Surtur- 1st PB Halter Stallion, CBA Pascha Janus - Res. Champion  English Trail


US Nationals-

CBA Polaris+++// National Top Ten English Trail Open, National Top Ten English Trail  AOTR, National Top Ten Western Trail  AOTR
CBA Lightning ++++///- National Top Ten  English Trail AOTR, National Top Ten Western Trail AOTR

Region 9 Championships - Mujiz Al Kaiwan Top 5 Pb SHIH open and ATH,  Sullah Al Sahm- Top 5 PB SHIH Mares open & ATH,
CBA Imperial SurturReserve Regional Champion SHIH Open & ATH, Reserve Regional Champion Western Dressage Intro Open & ATR, Top 5  Training Level Dressage, CBA Pascha JanusTop 5 Pb Western Trail AAOTR and Pb English Trail Open, CBA Polaris+++//- Res. Champion HA Stallions, Res. Champion Western Dressage Basic ATR, Res. Champion HA English Trail ATR. WB Sky's The Limit- Top 5 HA SHIH Stallions,  CBA Lightning++++///- Reserve Champion HA Mare Halter  AOTH,  Reserve Champion HA Western Trail AOTR


Region 9 Championships- Mujiz Al KaiwanTop Five SHIH Mares, CBA Pascha  Janus- Top 5  Ranch Horse ATR, Top 5 Dressage Training Level AOTR, Top 5  Western Dressage Intro Level, Top 5 Western Dressage Intro  AOTR, Top 5 Western Trail ATR, Top 5 Western Trail AOTR, CBA Polaris+++//- Champion HA English Trail ATR, Champion HA Western Trail ATR, Res. Champion  Western Dressage Basic ATR, Res. Champion  HA English Trail, Res. Champion HA Western Trail, WB Sky's The Limit- Reserve Champion Half Arab Stallions, CBA Lightning++++///- Reserve Champion HA SHIH Mares, Reserve Champion HA Sporthorse Show Hack ATR

US Nationals-
 CBA Polaris- National Top Ten HA English Trail and Natioanls Top Ten  HA English Trail AAOTR
CBA Lightning- National Top Ten  HA English Trail & National Top Ten HA English Trail AAOTR

Region 9 Championships- CBA Pascha Janus- Top 5 Western Dressage Intro,  Top 5 Western Dressage Intro ATR, Top 5 English Trail ATR, CBA Polaris+++//- Champion  Western Dressage Basic ATR, Champion HA Sporthorse Show Hack, Champion  HA Western Trail AAOTR, Res. Champion Western Dressage Level 1 Open,  Res. Champion HA SHIH Stallions, Res Champion HA English Trail AAOTR, WB Sky's The Limit- Top 5 HA SHIH Stallions,  CBA Lightning- Champion Western Dressage Basic,  Champion Western Dressage Level 1, Chapion HA SHIH Mares ATH, Reserve Champion HA Sporthorse Show Hack,  Reserve Champion HA Sporthorse Show Hack ATR

US Nationals
CBA LIghtning - National Top Ten HA English Trail  AOTR

Region 9 Championships
-Mujiz Al Kaiwan - Champion SHIH Jr Mares. CBA Polaris- Champion HA Western Trail, Champion HA Hunter Hack ATR,  Reserve Champion HA Western Dressage Basic ATR, Reserve Champion HA SHIH Stallions, Reserve Champion HA Hunter Hack, CBA Lightning- Champion Western Dressage Basic, Champion HA Sporthorse Show Hack, Champion HA Hunter Hack,  Reserve Champion HA Ladies Sidesaddle


US Nationals- CBA Polaris- National Top Ten  HA English Trail National Top Ten HA English Trail AOTR

Region 9 Championships-  Final ribbon count was 5 Regional Championships, 4 Reserve Championships and 22 Top Fives.
 CBA Polaris ridden by Sandy Johnson took home the Regional Championship in Half Arabian Open Trail. Chris Kornegay rode CBA Lightning to the ATR HA Trail Regional Championship title.   CBA Polaris also won Regional Champion in Half Arabian Hunter Hack ATR ridden by Arien Buchanan.  Polaris placed as Champion in the HA Sporthorse Show Hack Open and Reserve Champion in the ATR as well as Champion  Half Arabian Sporthorse Stallion in Hand.  Lightning took home the Reserve Championship in the Half Arabian Sporthorse Undersaddle and the Half Arabian Sporthorse Show Hack with Sandy Johnson in the irons.  Lightning also had Top Fives in Open  HA Trail, First Level  Dressage,  Training Level Dressage,HA Ladies Sidesaddle  and HA Halter Mares as well as Sporthorse In Hand Mares  AT and Half Arabian Hunter Hack Open and ATR.

Spindletop Arabian Horse Show- a Special thanks to all who helped us out  during Koral's illness at this show.  GK Partyboy placed  1st under both judges in Half Arabian Halter Geldings Open and Amateur shown by Rebecca  Parks and also placed 4th and 5th in Intro Dressage with Rebecca and 4th in Sporthorse HA Geldings in Hand.  Congratulations to Rebecca for a job well done at her first Arabian Horse show.  Asami Ruuh returned to the show ring and picked up a 1st in PB Sporthorse Show Hack and  two seconds in Arabian Horse Trail.  CBA Lightning placed 1st under judge A and  2nd under judge  B in the HA Hunter Hack with Arien Buchanan filling in for Koral.  She was first under both judges in the HA Trail  AT with Chris Kornegay  and 2nd in the Open with Sandy Johnson. CBA  Polaris took all but one of the first in HA Hunter Hack and also won the HA Open  Trail under both judges. The Imperial Saturn sons,  CBA Imperial Surtur andCBA  Pascha Janus  did well at this show.  Surtur winning the PB  Sporthorse Stallions  in Hand  AT while  Pascha received a 2nd place in Pb SHIH Geldings AT.  

Spring Trail and Over Fences Show-  CBA Polaris  was in top form at this show bringing home 11 firsts  and 3  seconds.  He made a clean sweep of the HA English Trail Classes  and won the HA Hunter Hack Championship as well.   He also placed first in the HA Western Trail classes.  CBA Lightning placed  1st in Regular Working Hunter  and 1st in the English Trail Horse Select Rider with Koral Kornegay up.

Lonestar Classic- CBA Polaris swept the HA Trail Classes when the Open and ATR  Western Trail and the HA English Trail.

Alamo Arabian Show- Shalako JRA shown by owner John Johnson won the first ever Arabian Trail in Hand class, a great job by both horse and handler and hopefully we will see more of this class in the future.  Shalako and John also placed 1st of  3 in Sporthorse Stallions In Hand and Shalako placed 2nd with Sandy Johnson in the SHIH Stallions Open.  CBA  Polaris 

Houston All Arabian Show


US Nationals- CBA Polars finished Top Ten in AOTR Trail and Top Ten in English Trail Open.  We are very proud of Polaris  as he was sitting in  2nd place until the last 2 horses of the finals.  Koral Kornegay turned in a great ride in her first ever  US Nationals class on CBA Lightning +++/ in Ladies Sidesaddle.  

Congratulations CBA Polaris on earning the  Legion of Supreme Merit and the Legion of Excellence!

REGION 9 CHAMPIONSHIPS-   WBA Trainer Sandy Johnson
showed CBA Polaris to  Open  Regional Championships in Half Arabian Hunter Hack and  Half Arabian Trail in Ft Worth.  CBS Polaris was also Regional Champion Half Arabian Sporthorse Stallion In Hand as well as Regional Reserve Champion AOTR Trail with owner Chris Kornegay and Reserve Regional Champion ATR Hunter Hack with catch rider Natalie Angstadt in the irons.  Polaris also placed 3rd  and Top Five in Half Arab SHUS and SH Show Hack with Chris Kornegay up.  
     CBA Lightning was named Regional Champion HA SHIH ATH Mare with Koral Kornegay on the lead and was also Regional Champion HA Hunter Hack ATR with Koral. Lightning won  Reserve Regional Championships in Open HA Hunter Hack with Koral, HA Sporthose Show Hack Open with Sandy and HA Sporthorse Show Hack with Koral.    Lightning also had Regional Top Fives in  HA SHIH Open Mares, HA  Sporthorse Undersaddle, HA Ladies Sidesaddle  and HA Trail both Open and ATR.    Sandy also showed KMA Angelo to a Reserve  Regional  Championship for Karma Arabians in PB SHIH Geldings.  KMA Angelo also took Reserve Champion Honors in  Pb SHIH JTH as well.  Final ribbon count for the 2013 Regionals- 5 Championships, 6 Reserves and 18 Top Fives.

Spindletop Arabian Show

CBA Polaris- 1st Place in Open and ATR HA Trail and Hunter Hack under both judges.  1st Place HA SHIH Stallion Open, and HA SH Show Hack.
2nd Place-HA SHUS Open, HA SH Show Hack ATR, 3rd, HA SHUS ATR.

CBA Lightning -  1st Place Hunter Pl AOTR Select Rider both judges, 1st HP AOTR both judges, 2nd First Level Dressage Test 1, 2nd HA SHUS ATR, 2nd HA Trail Open and ATR

Alamo Arabian Show

Shalako JRA- First Place PB SHIH Stallions Open and ATH, Second Place Pb Halter Stallions Open and ATH

CBA Polaris - First Place HA SHIH Open and ATH,  Second Place HA Hunter Hack Open and HA Show Hack Open and HA SHUS Open

CBA Lightning-1st Place HA Trail Horse Open, 1st HA Hunter Hack Open, 1st HA Show Hack, 1st Dressage Training Level Test 1,  1st Dressage First Level Test 1, 2nd HA SH Show Hack ATR, 2nd HA SHIH Mares Open and ATH, 2nd HA Mare Halter Open and ATH, 2nd HA Trail ATR

Houston All Arabian Show

Shalako JRA- First Place & Champion PB SHIH Stallions Open and ATH both judges
CBA Polaris- First & Champion HA Trail Open and ATR, First Place Judge B & Champion  HA SHIH Stallions, First HA SHIH Open and ATH judge A

CBA Lightning- First and Champion Judges A &  B HA SHIH Mares, Champion Judge B HA Trail  Open, First HA SHUS ATR, Second Place Ladies Western Sidesaddle, HA SHUS, HA SH Show Hack, 3rd HA Hunter Pleasure AAOTR
CBA Perseus won the HA Gelding Halter classes and was Champion. 
 Final Ribbon Count 17 Firsts, 12 Championships, 2 Reserve Championships.   CBA Lightning was once again Hight Point Horse for the entire show as well as HighPont Sporthorse.


2012 USEF Horse of the Year Awards-

CBA Lightning - Region 9 Champion Half Arabian Sporthorse USEF  Horse of the Year,  R9 Champion Half Arabian Hunter/Jumper  USEF Horse of the Year, R9 Reserve Champion HA Halter USEF HOTY, R9 Reserve Champion  HA Working Western USEF HOTY, R9 Reserve Champion  HA First Level Dressage USEF HOTY, 3rd Place R9 HA Specialty Horse USEF HOTY
CBA Polaris-  R9 Champion HA Working Western USEF HOTY, R9 Reserve Champion HA Specialty Horse USEF HOTY
Shalako JRA- R9 PB Halter Top Ten 

2012  Halloween Arabian Spooktacular show at Great Southwest Equestrian -still recovering from my fall at the September show and dealing with Shalako's bout of West Nile , so Chris and Koral were on their own and they did a great job.  10 Championships, 9 Reserve Championships and 24 First places on 3 horses and High Point Dressage for Percy  his second time to compete undersaddle. Way to go  guys!   Great Job!!

2012 Houston American Heroes Arabian Classic show at Great Southwest Equestrian was a great show for the team.  7 Championships and 2 Reserve Championships and 27 firsts.  Koral took first place in her first working hunter class.  

2012  CBA Lightning +++/ recieves her Legion of Supreme Honor and Legion of Supreme Merit.  Congratulations Koral and Lightning!.

2012 Crossroads Pony Club Show- Dreuzgan aka "Giff" made his pony debut winning the open large pony gelding in hand class and  placed 2nd in the  youth to handle class.

2012 Region 9 Championship Show  CBA Polaris ++/ earned a Reserce Regional Championship in both  Open and Amateur Half Arabian Trail.  CBA Lightning++/ received two Top Five's in Half Arabian Trail.

2012 Region 9 Sporthorse Championship Show-  CBA Lightning++/   was Regional Champion Half Arabian Sporthorse Mare in Hand both in Open and Amatuer to handle led by Koral Kornegay.  Lightning also  won the Regional Half Arabian Amateur Show Hack Championship  with Chris Korneday in the irons.  Lightning was also the  Reserve Regional Champion in Open Half Arabian Hunter Hack and received Regional Top Five placings in HA Hunter Hack AT and HA Sporthorse Open Show Hack. CBA Polaris ++/ was the Regional Champion Half Arabian  Sporthorse Stallion in Hand, and  was also the Regional Champion Open Half Arabian Hunter Hack winner and  won a Reserve Regional  Championship in  Amateur Hunter Hack.  Polaris also was awarded a Regional Top Five in Amateur Sporthorse Undersaddle and  Half Arabian Show Hack.

Spindletop Araiban Horse Show was another success for us again.   The team garnered 8 Firsts

 Alamo Arabian Fiesta Show  resulted in 6 Firsts and 5 Seconds, 1 Championship and 1 Reserve Championship for Chris and Koral with Lightning and Polaris.

2012 Star Arabian Show First Place for Windamere Arabians owned Hamsat in Pb Arabian Mares, 1st place for Johran's JRA Shalako in Two & Under Pb Stallions and First Place.

2012   San Antonio Charity Horse Show

2012 Houston All Arabian Show  we recieved 4 Championshjps and 5 Reserve Champioships, 11 First and 9 Seconds.

2011 USEF Horse of the Year Awards

2011 Region 9  Horseman's Awards
Sporthorse Nationals 2011 ended with CBA Lightning and Koral Kornegay getting a Top Ten in Half Arabian Hunter Hack Amateur Owner to Ride, and CBA Polaris getting Top Tens in Half Arabian Stallions In Hand Open and Amateur.  Not too bad with both horses recovering from injuries that kept them from schooling hard for the show.  A big thanks to the nice vet from Rood and Riddle that treated Polaris while we were there.

Our trip to Sporthorse Regionals in July ended with a trip to the vet for a heat stressed horse right as we were preparing to pull out for the show.  July is a horrible time to have a horse show let alone a Regional Championship.

June Regionals in Ft Worth was a hurried trip but we ended up with Two Top Fives for Polaris in Trail.

The end of May found us once again in Katy for the Spindltop Arabian Show.  CBA Lightning++ was first in Sporthorse HA Mares and was Champion as well. She also was first in HA Sporthorse Show Hack AT and garnered many seconds as well including a second in First Level Dressage and HA  Hunter Hack.  CBA Polaris +/ was first in HA Open Trail and Champion AT  HA Trail. Polaris also was first in HA Hunter Hack Open and HA Hunter Hack ATR.  He was also first in HA Sporthorse Stallions IN Hand.

We are sad to report that we chose to sit out the Alamo Show this year due to the EHV 1 threat.  We hated to miss it but felt it not appropriate to risk possible exposure for any of the horses in our care.

April 2011 found us in Sinton for the Annual Star Arabian Spring Celebration.  Making his debut, WBA's own Koublat al Sahm aka Zoomer, was First in Stallion Halter, Grand Champion Arabian and Half Arabian and was Second in Liberty.  To make a great day even better his first Pure bred foal was also born that morning. A beautiful colt out of the Huckleberry Bey daughter
Hucks Lady V bred by Sheila Varian and owned by Don Connelly of Moulton, Texas.

At the 2011 Region 9 Horseman's Awards, Lightning, Chris, Koral and Polaris cleaned up once again in the Amateur Awards. Lightning was Champion Sporthorse for 2010, Champion Amateur Competitor 18-39 with Koral, and  Reserve Champion 40 and Over with Chris, Reserve Champion Training  Level Dressage and finally Reserve Champion HA Halter.  Polaris also got his fair share of the action to winning Reserve Champion Trail Horse, Champion HA Halter Horse for his Sporthorse In Hand, and a Top Five in Training Level Dressage.

2010 USEF Farnam Horse of the Year Awards results are in, CBA Polaris+/ is once again the USEF Region 9 Working Western Horse of the Year and was Reserve Champion HA Specialty Horse for his effort in Hunter Hack.  CBA Lightning++  was USEF Region 9 Horse of the Year in the categories of HA Sporthorse and HA Specialty Horse and Reserve Regional HOTY in Hunter Pleasure Junior Exhibitor and Reserve Regional HOTY in Halter and finished THIRD IN THE NATION in Halter as well. Lightnig also was third in the Region in Training Leverl Dressage Amateur to Ride.

January 2011- the show year kicked off with a great show at the Houston All Arabian Show in Katy, Texas.  CBA Lightning was once again the High Point Horse of the Show, and Chris Kornegay was High Point Amateur. Lightining was Champion HA Mare in Hand and Champion HA Sporthorse Undersaddle, and had firsts in Hunter Hack, In Hand HA Mares, and Sporthorse Show Hack.  KMA Surfer Boy owned by Karma Arabians made his horse show debut and had an outstanding show placing  first in HA Sporthorse Geldings, first in HA Sporthorse Geldings Amateur to Handle and Champion HA Sporthorse Gelding.  Surfer also garned another Reserve Championship on the seond day.   CBA Polaris had a fantastic show, winning 4 Championships,  2 in HA Trail, and 2 in HA Sporthorse Stallions. He also had first in Sporthorse Show Hack, Hunter Hack, and In hand.  
CBA Lightning 
Houston All Arabian Show
High Point All Around Horse
High Point Sporthorse
2011 Sporthorse National Championships
Lexington, Kentucky  
Halloween Spooktacular Ribbons
Lightning & Koral
Working Hunter
Halloween Spooktacular Show
Chris & Polaris American Heroes Show
CBA Lyra & Chris
American Heroes Show
Houston All Arabian Show
 Region 9 Championship Show
 Trophies and Ribbons
2013 R9 Championships 
KMA Angelo