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Stallion Service Contract

This agreement is made and entered into this ____day of _______, 200_ by and between_______________________________ (hereafter referred to as the mare owner) and Willow Breeze Arabians and is governed by the laws of the state of Texas.

The stallion owner agrees to breed the mare ______________________of Registry Number________________ which is owned or leased by the mare owner to the stallion ______________________of the Registry Number ___________ in the breeding season of _______.

The mare owner agrees to pay a stallion service fee of $__________, of which $250.00, deemed as the booking fee is payable with this contract and is non-refundable. Stud fees paid in full prior to breeding will receive the first 2 stallion collections free( no chute fee- you are still responsible for shipping costs). Otherwise an additional $250 payment on the stud fee is due prior to shipment or breeding with the balance due when the mare is checked in foal ( must be checked no later than 24 days past the last insemination date and payment made within five days of diagnosis of pregnancy). The mare owner further agrees to pay mare care at the rate of $250 per month for the duration of the mare’s stay at the farm while breeding and $150 per month after pregnant for pasture board or $250 for stall board thereafter. A chute fee of $250 is agreed upon for all rebreeds and for all donated breedings. Rebreeds are good for the following year from the original contract only unless special arrangements are made. Other payment arrangements to be specified here- ________________________________________________



Willow Breeze guarantees a Live Foal from this breeding. A live foal is defined as one that stands and nurses unassisted. In the event the mare aborts or does not produce a live foal from this breeding, the mare owner shall be entitled to a Rebreed NOT A REFUND OF THE STUD FEE. The Rebreeding of the mare to be during the current breeding season or in the breeding season that immediately follows the one the breeding was booked for. The mare owner may substitute another mare upon approval of Willow Breeze Arabians. There is no live foal guarantee on a mare that is removed from the farm prior to be pronounced in-foal by the attending veterinarian or being pronounced in foal by the mare owner’s veterinarian by the 24th day past her last breeding date and no refund of the stud fee is available however the mare owner is entitled to a Rebreed and we will make every effort to rebreed the mare or an approved substitute mare.

The mare owner agrees to furnish a mare in a sound breeding condition and free from infection or disease with a current negative coggins and a clean uterine culture upon arrival at the farm for breeding or calling for a semen shipment. Any mare found not to be in a sound breeding condition will not be bred and owner must be responsible for any and all treatments required to get said mare in a breed-able condition. The mare must be halter broken and any vices or dangerous behaviors must be reported to the breeding farm upon arrival. The mare owner agrees to furnish a copy of the mare's current registration and or lease agreement along with her vaccination and worming record.

The mare owner agrees to pay any and all veterinary and reproductive expenses associated with the breeding of their mare deemed necessary by the veterinarian or Breeding Manager of Willow Breeze. The mare owner will provide a credit card number for use with the veterinarian or set up a account at the vet to be billed directly to the mare owner. The vet expenses are to be paid in full prior to the departure of the mare from Willow Breeze or payment arrangements made with the vet.

The stallion owner agrees to make every reasonable effort to settle the mare and shall have sole discretion of determining the best method of doing so. If, however, said mare does not settle the mare owner agrees to hold Willow Breeze harmless. Breeding at Willow Breeze is done by Artificial Insemination and collection and handling meet and /or exceed industry standards. No mare will be bred by live cover unless prior agreement is made by both parties to this contract. Mares to be bred by live cover must have a negative culture done before each heat cycle she is to be bred.

Should the stallion die or otherwise become unfit for service prior to the mare being pronounced in foal this contract is null and void and the stallion service fee shall be refunded. Should the mare die or become unfit a substitute mare may be used with the consent of the stallion owner.

The stallion owner agrees to take every reasonable effort to ensure the safety and health of the mare and or her foal during her stay at the breeding farm, but in the event that such should occur, the mare owner agrees to hold harmless Willow Breeze Arabians ,its owners, employees, veterinarians or guests for any injury, escape, disability, illness or death of the mare and or her foal. The above named mare owner whose horse(s) are under the care of Willow Breeze shall not be held liable for any damage, injury or death to the breeding farm stallions, employees, or other animals in the care of the farm whether or not caused by the mare owner's horse. Mare owner agrees to any veterinary or emergency care that Willow Breeze, its employees or attending vet deem necessary and reasonable in the event that the owner cannot be reached at the time care is needed. Willow Breeze agrees to notify mare owner as soon as possible in the event of an emergency or illness to mare or her foal.

The Breeding Season at Willow Breeze Arabians shall be from ________ to _______ each year unless prior arrangements are made with the stallion owner.

The mare owner agrees to give the mare adequate care once she is confirmed in foal. Adequate care is defined as keeping the mare in good flesh and administering the rhinopneumonitis vaccinations at the 5th,7th, & 9th months of pregnancy. If adequate care is not given to the mare during the pregnancy the live foal guarantee is null and void. In the event the mare aborts or otherwise loses her pregnancy a written statement from the mare owner’s veterinarian must be submitted to the stallion owner within 30 days of discovery of the loss if she is to be eligible for a rebreed. If inadequate care is the cause of the pregnancy loss rebreeding the mare will be at the discretion of stallion owner.

Mares that are brought in to be bred and depart the farm prior to confirmation of pregnancy, as well as mares boarded at the farm; or shipping semen must be ultra-sounded by 24 days after the last breeding date and the mare’s status reported to the breeding farm. Failure to do so will result in negation of the live foal guarantee. The breeding farm makes every effort to settle your mare in a timely manner and expects the same consideration from the mare owner in scheduling breedings to the stallion. Semen will be supplied on a first come first served basis with the amount of semen available for that day.

Willow Breeze agrees to issue a breeding certificate to the mare owner when notified of the birth of the foal resulting from this breeding, providing the mare owner has no outstanding debt with Willow Breeze.

In the event of a return breeding the mare owner is responsible for any and all expenses arising from that rebreed including vet, reproductive, board and any chute fee if applicable.

Invoices are due and payable on the 15th of the month to avoid 18% per annum late fee. In the event it becomes necessary to refer debts arising from this contract to an attorney for collection, or if suit is instituted hereon, mare owner agrees to pay all reasonable court costs and attorney’s fees incurred in the suit or collections. Payment past 30 days will be considered default and stallion owner is entitled to a possessory lien against mare owner’s horse(s).

This contract is made and entered into in the County of Wharton, in the State of Texas, and it shall be interpreted, enforced and transacted under the laws of said state, and within the designated county, regardless of the manner of breeding solicitation.

Mare Owner’s signature on this contract certifies that he/she has read and fully understand all of the terms and conditions outlined herein, and accepts this contract as a legal and binding instrument on behalf of owner, owner’s heirs, successors and assigns. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. No other agreements whether verbal or implied, are included. This contract may not be transferred or assigned.

Shipped Semen Addendum

A. A non- refundable chute fee of $ 250.00 is agreed upon and will be paid by those mare owners shipping semen. The second stud fee payment and chute fee must be paid prior to shipment of semen and said fees shall include 2 collections for the stallion. After 2 shipments the mare owner is responsible for the collection incurred and payment arrangements for these must be made prior to shipment. Shipping Fees for Fed EX or other courier are at the mare owners expenses and payment arrangements made prior to shipment.

B. Shipment is for the mare agreed upon only and for one foal from this mare only and is not transferable or assignable. Embryo transfers resulting from this breeding where more than one embryo is harvested is subject to additional fees.

C. The mare owner agrees that the mare’s breeding will be handled by a qualified veterinarian or AI breeding technician only and agrees that ultrasound will be used to determine when to order semen. If your are unsure about your vet or farm contact us for more information.

D. Mare owner agrees to notify stud farm when mare first enters heat and 24 hours prior to when semen will be needed. Every effort will be made to fulfill shipped semen orders but mare owner agrees that semen will be sent on first call-first served basis and is subject to availability. Stud farm will try to fill orders placed with less than 24 hours notice but makes no guarantees that the order will be filled.

E. Semen will be shipped FED EX or UPS unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

Semen will be shipped in a disposable container unless otherwise requested by the mare owner. Mare owner will be responsible for the container cost. In the case that an Equitainer is used the mare owner agrees to pay a deposit of $250 prior to shipping. The Equitainer must be returned to stallion owner in good condition with in 3 days of receiving the semen or a charge of $25 a day will be charged to the mare owner deductible form the deposit. Mare owner may send their own Equitainer.

F. Mare owner agrees to have mare ultra sounded for pregnancy with in 24 days of last breeding date and notify stallion owner of mare’s status. The balance of stud fee is due and payable when the mare is determined to be in foal per ultrasound at this time.

G. Mare owner agrees that semen will not be shipped until stallion owner has all the fees, mare’s paper work, contact numbers, address and shipping instructions on file. Failure to provide this information will delay timely shipment.

H. Rebreeds for the following year should the mare abort or for some other reason not bare a live foal from this breeding are subject to another chute fee and any additional shipping and collection costs.

I. Stallion owner will not make additional shipments or issue breeder’s certificate until payment arrangements have been made.

Accepted on______________________200____


Signature of Mare Owner/Agent


Signature of Stallion Owner






Mare Information


Mare Name:__________________________Age________

Registration #:____________________________

Breed to:________________________________


Contact #:__________________________day

Contact #:___________________________night


Credit Card Number to be used for Vet charges: ____________________________or you may call the vet and set up an account yourself at (979)532-1431. Must be set up prior to mare’s arrival or a credit card number furnished for us to set up the account for the mare when or if she needs vet care.

Emergency # (if you can’t be reached)______________________________________

Emergency Care - Do you wish the horse to have emergency medical care if you can not be reached and how far do you wish to go with treatment( ie.-colic surgery etc.)________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Horse’s Insurance Company #______________________Phone:__________________________

Policy #________________________________________

Date of last: culture________worming_______ vaccinations_______

Is mare wet_______, dry______, foaling out here______?

Sire of Foal?_________________________________

Born?__________ Due Date:____________________

Preferred Stabling :__stall, ___paddock, ___pasture

Shipping Instructions

VET/Breeding Farm Receiving Semen:_____________________________

Phone #______________________________________________________



Vet’s Name:___________________________________________________

Shipping Address______________________________________________

Vet’s/Farm’s Days they will receive semen?__________________________