Willow Breeze Arabians 2007 Breeding Fees


Stud Fees: Imperial Saturn- $1000

Asami Ruuh- $1000 Contact Sharon Litizzette at windamere@arabiansofwindamere.com for details

The Shamin- $1000 Contact Glenda Klimitchek @ Gkarabians@aol.com for details

Thee Master- $750

Jaa Jub Ali - $500

Booking Fee for Willow Breeze Owned Stallions- $150 nonrefundable taken as part of the Stud Fee

Mare Board Per Day

Stall- $12.50

Pasture- $ 7.50

Breeding Fee per Cycle- $150 does not include, board, container, shipping fees or courier fees. Includes collection, and insemination of mare or processing semen for shipment of stallions not owned by Willow Breeze Arabians. This is the only money WBA makes off standing the outside stallions as the stud fee goes to the owner.

Container Fee- $ 40.00 We use the EST disposable Equine Semen Transporter from Plastilite. We have found them to be comparable with the Equitainer and will ship all semen orders in these unless mare owner provides their own container. We will no longer be shipping our Equitainers out. The have not been returned promptly or have returned with parts missing and left us in a bind too many times with semen needing to go out and no usable Equitainer, so to insure better service we will be using disposable containers only.

Shipping Fees- All semen shipping fees and container return costs are the expense of the mare owner. Mare owner needs to supply us with their FED EX/ UPS Account number prior to shipping. If you do not have one we will be happy to give you the numbers to set up your own account with your credit card. For anyone serious about breeding your own shipping account is a necessity. In the event that the semen is to be flown counter to counter the mare owner is responsible for the flight costs and courier costs, and these must be pre paid prior to shipment being taken to the airport. We are approved to fly with Continental Airlines and soon with Airnet Equine Breeding Services. The fluctuating prices of shipping costs and delayed billing of the shipping companies sometimes months after the shipment make billing each shipment to our clients a major hassle for us trying to keep track of who owes what, so we will no longer be putting the shipping costs on our account without special arrangements.

Courier Fees- If you call and need a shipment after the cut off time to have FED EX, or UPS pick up the shipment ( 8:30 AM Texas Time on the day you want it shipped) or you need the shipment taken to the airport for shipment there will be a $100 courier fee. We are sorry but we can no longer continue to eat the gas costs of a taking the shipment to the terminal and having to drop everything at a moments notice to take it to the terminal. Unlike most farms we will collect any day you need it provided it is possible to ship on that day. (Fed EX is running or Flight can be found with enough time to actually make it to the airport.) but we ask your consideration in giving us as much notice as possible. It is one thing to plan a trip for the following day to the terminal and another to leave the scheduled vet, farrier or other client hanging to try and make a flight or Fed Ex before they close or the desired flight leaves. Please remember that to fly a shipment out we have to cross the city of Houston and its traffic makes travel times unreliable.

Vet Fees- - You will need to make your own payment arrangements with our vet for the services your horse will need during its stay with us. Ultrasound, palpation, cultures, treatment for illness or injury, etcetera will be done by our vet at the horse owner’s expense. We use Wharton Veterinary Clinic, 1518 Hwy 60S Wharton, Texas 77488/ Dr. Carlos Bonnot and Dr. Rick Osterloh. Payment arrangements may be made at 979-532-1431 by credit card or setting up a billing account.

Misc. Fees--Any fees the mare or her foal incur during their stay with us that apply to their upkeep, or healthcare are the responsibility of the owner and in addition to the board or breeding fees.. Examples would be farrier, worming, or special feed, medicines or supplements requested by the owner or vet.


Hauling Fee to Vet- To Wharton Vet clinic 60 mile round trip- $50

Prices subject to change with fluctuating Feed and Gas Prices.